2016 Fund-A-Need Project Goal: $20,000

Will you help us complete this years project?

This year our fund-a-need project is to install perimeter fencing around the Atai Orphanage property. Proper fencing will provide several benefits to the Atai Orphanage. It will help protect the children. It will help protect the crops. Most importantly, it will help control the distractions caused by neighboring children during study time and meal time.

To make this years fund-a-need more fun, we have created a 12 piece picture puzzle. It is a picture of the new home which you helped build with some simulated chain link fence in front of it. Each of the puzzle pieces represent 1/12 of the goal, or approximately $1667. As fundraising progresses, we will add new puzzle pieces to show how close we are to achieving our goal.

Early donations made here will be added to the Nov 18th running total.
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