2017 Fund-A-Need Project Goal: $14,000

Will you help us complete this years project?

This year our fund-a-need project is to repair and rehab the first home Annah built back in 2004. The county health inspectors came out and sited Toto with several violations and took one of her goats as a fine. Annah contacted the health inspectors and arranged to make the required repairs in December of this year. The most urgent violation was the overflowing outhouse that Toto and the younger children use. It needs to be torn down and replaced. The rest of the violations dealt with the conditions of the home. Rehab and improvements to the home and replacement of the outhouse was estimated to cost just under $14,000. Any funds left over after the rehab will be used for food and school fees.

To make this years fund-a-need a bit more fun, we have created a 12 piece picture puzzle. Each of the puzzle pieces represent 1/12 of our goal, or approximately $1167. As fundraising progresses throughout the evening, we will add new puzzle pieces to show how close we are to achieving our goal.

Early donations made here will be added to the Nov 18th running total.
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